Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gyro Copter Disaster - Now the Bad Guys Know How EASY it Would Be

The mailman who flew a Gyro Copter to the Capitol building said on TV that he is convinced that "it was a good idea."  He has no idea the gravity of what he did.  I say that as one of the few who predicted 911 and am a pilot.

He exposed how EASY it would be for the terrorists to storm our government with current low tech technology combined with guts and military grade explosives that can make a tiny flying bicycle into the equivalent of a 500 lb. bomb (or more).  Had our mailman's package included delivery of some C4 military explosive that can be molded to fit into an aircraft frame and reached the Congress' dome and exploded -- hundreds of Congressmen would be DEAD or injured right now! People would finally be paying attention. Think about that.

Our flying mailman has played the role of fool not patriot.  Whatever message he hoped to send has been lost in the realization that he was able to land on the south lawn and was not intercepted or shot down, even after giving warnings.

It showed the weakness everyone assumed did not exist. Because of that, no one tried.  Now they WILL try. Congress itself could pay with their lives as a result of this stunt.

Terrorists can now see that they don't need Boeing 767's. By using low tech means they "could send a message." That would include domestic extremist terrorists, the Tim McVeigh types, who are far more dangerous than the foreign ones at this point because they are far more numerous -- and they live here.

What if an anti-Obama right wing fanatic group -- or young jihadis --  with easy access to guns, explosives and hate, flew one or more gyro-copters (or small planes) on a suicide mission into Congress in session or the White House? What if a couple guys jump the fence and show up at the back door with AK 47's and grenades and try to kill them! 

Upgrading that security zone now is paramount.

"Upgrading" means that the next fool who tries it needs to be forced down --or shot down as extreme as it sounds-- because if he isn't, you have given a green light to the people or groups who will use it to violent ends.

No Mr. Mailman, it was not a patriotic thing to do. You have jeopardized the very government you wanted to improve. Now it is more dangerous. We have all seen the flaw.  It's only a matter of time when the real terrorists take advantage of that knowledge that there is not a real "no fly zone" around our capitol.

I am a pilot.  I have flown "hedge hopping."  Small ultralights do it all the time. There are literally tens of thousands of small aircraft available to anyone and everyone in the USA as it should be. In the wrong hands they are also potential weapons, just like a car can be a car bomb. We don't ban cars for that.

Mr. mailman wanted to be a hero. But he should have talked to me first. He has opened Pandora's Box on security in our own backyard.

Stay tuned.

One of my past articles was on what would happen if the 911 Flight 93 had made it back to DC and hit its intended target, either the White House or Congress. It turns out that there is no easy replacement for house of representative members, while Senators can be appointed by the Governor. House members would take special elections. Government would stop for months and put everything into chaos.

 Let's hope we don't have to go down that road ...

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