Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Border Problems are Nothing Compared to Europe's - Ours Want Jobs. They are Fleeing DEATH

Our illegal immigration problems are nothing compared to what is happening in Europe.  They have a flood of over 170,000 people a year, many women and children, showing up in leaking boats to escape the wars raging through the Middle East.

Even death at sea is better than the bloodbath in countries where they came from. Would you pay $6,000 a person to escape Syria today? I would.

Illegals immigrants into the U.S. are looking for work. Illegal immigrants in Europe are fleeing DEATH. They are fleeing the killing raging in a widening circle from North Africa, Iraq and Syria.

In the final part of their journey they have to get past Libyan thugs who charge the $6,000 up, carry guns and threaten them, then put 300 of them in a 40 foot fishing boat, not caring if they drown or not. The people are so desperate they do it anyway.

Forty miles from Libya they are calling on satellite phones for Italian rescue ships. They have made it to safety. The Italians will take them, at great cost. Only now are other European countries stepping up to help.

Our "issue" of intercepting people who just want to work is a better problem to have.


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