Friday, April 1, 2016

ISIS Tracked Brussels Nuke Official - How A Nuke Could End Democracy

President Obama just had a Nuclear Security summit -- at the same time we learn that a Brussels Nuke Official was shadowed by a ISIS member in Brussels (the Prime Minister's residence was also found on the computer in a trash can that an ISIS member had). What was the plan? Kidnap him? Attack the nuclear facility?

This is eerily like a "fiction" book I started writing about a (nuclear) terrorist attack on the United States, back when I was a laid off international negotiator in the 80's oil bust.  "Fire Over Arabia" was interrupted by Saddam's invasion of Kuwait. However, since in those day it took a year to produce and distribute a paper book (no ebooks!) publishers passed on it. Why? They said "in a year when the book comes out Saddam will be gone."  Well, he was there another 10 years before Bush invaded so it never went into print. But the plot did turn from fiction to non-fiction.

I documented the potential of an attack on us in a video I made (in 1994) with a weapons expert from the Reagan administration that is now posted on YouTube entitled "Nuclear Terrorism: Could It Happen Here?" 
I produced and hosted it a year after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center that killed six people (no one paid attention until the next attack on 911. Here is a photo of me taken about that time (proof). It aired many times in Houston. I sent it to Pres. Bush 9 months before 911. No response.
                                         Michael Fjetland, World Trade Center, 1994
                                         (I was much thinner then)

This is important because of the spread of small tactical nuclear warheads that are more easily concealed and transported (like a 'suitcase nuke') versus an ICBM missile in a silo.  The U.S. military at one point had a nuclear mortar, believe it or not. It was called the "Davy Crockett." The problem was setting off a nuke that close to the troops firing it! 

Today's ISIS would love it as a suicide weapon.

If you want to have the hairs on the back of your neck feel electric, consider this. PAKISTAN is the only Muslim country that is nuclear. In fact, it has over 100 nuclear missiles!  Compare that to NONE in Iran, the country everyone is focused on).  Tell me again why people are so goofy not to see the real threat to American security is what happens in Pakistan, which just had a suicide bomber blow up women and children on Easter, most were Christians but it also killed their Muslims friends in attendance.  These terrorists have been given a free pass by the government. They want those nukes. Imagine ISIS with access to those.

The ODD thing about the summit is that the second largest nuclear country in the world didn't show, Russia. What's Putin's game now? He is like dealing with a Cobra snake.

Terrorism is not going to bring down America, unless a terrorist with a nuclear  decapitates our entire government if it was set off on Capitol Hill. It is possible and as long as small nuclear weapons are available it poses a major threat against America and our European allies.

I discuss this issue as part of "Better Times Ahead April Fool."  Follow us here or on Facebook as this situation continues to play out. Our security depends on that.

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