Sunday, April 24, 2016

Former Majority Leader Tom DeLay Defends Child Molester Hastert as "Christian" - How is This Better Than ISIS?

SHOCKER - Former Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R) is defending a convicted/admitted child molester, Dennis Hastert, another former Congress leader, calling him a good "Christian" man. The same guy willing to throw the book at everyone else wants leniency for his buddy that sat and waited for small boys to come by so he could molest them.
If that is what being Christian means, count me out. Using the term Christian to defend child molesters is like ISIS uses Islam in its twisted way to excuse murder and sex slavery. I would NEVER defend a child molester, regardless of the time I had known them.
You do NOT cross the line between adults and children - never!
I ran against Tom DeLay four times when he was at the peak of his power - because I could not stand his policies. He even voted against rail money that Houston drivers had paid for in gas taxes, and gave it to Dallas instead - totally outside his district that wanted it.
My experience is in the chapter "Predicting 911 and Running Against the Hammer" in "Better Times Ahead April Fool." (This "Christian" man wasn't against having men steal my Congress road signs or doing push polls -- "if u knew my opponent was a lefty, commie, progressive alien from Mars, would you vote for him or me, Tom DeLay!'--that kind of stuff).
Now I learn that being the good "Christian" he claims to be, he is defending a child molester, calling him a good "Christian" man.
Yes I lost but now that I see what kind of twisted man Tom DeLay is, I am glad I tried to rid Congress of another phony Christian and hypocrite who is now defending child molesters instead of insisting he serve the maximum time for violating a minor. 

Have things changed recently? Unfortunately, too many in Congress claiming Christian "family" values are still being caught with their own pants down. We need Congress reps more concerned with jobs than their sex drives and bathroom laws. What bathroom law prevented a male predator from attacking boys in Hastert's case?
Michael Fjetland, JD/BBA

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