Sunday, April 3, 2016

Notice the Same Flaw in Each Candidate But One? It's All about THEM, not America

What I have noticed about the candidates for president, with one exception, is that each seems to have the same character flaw. It is ALL about THEM.

Trump is so vain he'd be having a nuke exchange over Putin posting a bad photo of his wife; one slight from a foreign leader would lead to military action from a crazed leader who is as presidential and educated about the world as a street bully dropout.

Ted Cruz has been all about Ted Cruz that he felt compelled to shut down our gov't over people getting healthcare, at a... cost of $24 billion - causing more damage to our economy then terrorism in a decade.

Bernie started off with some ideas but then he turned to fantasy land of free college with no taxes, and showed how HE didn't like his wife sharing the podium "Don't stand next to me." Then began the same "Lyin Ted" routine of making up false facts - such as progressive people like me who work in conservative oil companies who donate to Hillary are somehow "the company" making the donation so "its BIG OIL supporting Hillary." It is nonsense, and it is a lie because he knows better, having been an insider on the taxpayer payroll for decades submitting campaign reports. Some donated to Bernie too, so by his definition, he is on the take for big oil. Further, he refuses to fundraise for the party as Hillary has, because its all about HIM. That means down ballot losses and no change of Congress from R to D, making progress impossible.

Only Hillary is talking about THE COUNTRY and our people, not inciting violence at her rallies or fantasy's of free stuff that won't happen when you lose 49 states because the Trash Trump points out how Bernie was praising Fidel Castro and the Sandinistas as an elected official (ignoring that they took power at the barrel of a gun, then trashed their economies.)

Think about THAT. Only the woman is thinking of others instead of herself (isn't that how it is in most families?)

I have some items to add to Hillary's $10 billion rebuild America manufacturing plan. It includes putting unskilled to work, and skilled - like a solar energy generator by NASA. It's in "Agenda for American Greatness" - a realistic, not fantasyland roadmap for America.  Look for it in the last half of the chapter (after showing how we got where we are). It's based on 30 years global experience.

But its not about me; its about America and our childrens' future....

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