Sunday, April 17, 2016

I have SPENT a Life Negotiating for America -- & put MORE thought into a plan to upgrade America than Sanders has!

Why does someone who has negotiated globally and been a terrorism analyst on TV think Bernie Sanders has no solutions?

Because frankly, as a non-candidate I have put MORE thought into a plan to upgrade America than Sanders has! And he's the candidate for president who recently admitted in a newspaper interview that he "never thought about" how to do the things, like breaking up the banks, he has advocated for over a year!

You can say "Let's raise the minimum wage to $15" but unless we upgrade our skills, we will still lose the global technology race.

I HAVE thought about it --for decades--and developed a real written plan based on experience in the real world (about 50 countries.) Unlike Bernie, when i traveled the world I was not chasing popes or to praise Fidel Castro and the Sandinista socialists who had taken power by force.

I went from a farm in Iowa to schools in Texas before becoming a legal negotiator selling American products globally (which actually create jobs HERE).   I did it as a young professional for Fortune 500, and later as an entrepreneur for small outfits after a lay off in the 80s (documented in "Better Times Ahead April Fool").

I have not been a government employee for the last 30 years as BERNIE has. I went broke in the 80's after a lay off. I know what the bro life is like more than the Bern.

Bernie hasn't even had a regular job like the bros in decades, so what the hell does HE know about being broke when he's been on taxpayer payroll over 30 years?

Bernie bros, the link below shows how the world really works -- by someone who actually got off the farm in Iowa and traveled the world on negotiations not tourist junkets to shake a popes hand (I didn't do that when I ran for Congress. My voters were here in the U.S. A.).

Bernie is pandering to your ass - you need to upgrade your skills because the rest of the world is getting smarter. We won't win a world that so many are clueless about.

It's in "Agenda for American Greatness."

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