Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pakistan Tactical Nukes on India's Border Could Mean Mushroom Cloud over DC

Pakistan is about to do something that could kill millions right here in America - by placing small portable nuclear weapons near its border with India, as reported in the Huffington Post today.

Pakistan is the only Muslim country with nuclear weapons, including not just the giant missiles in silos but also small, portable ones that would fit in a small vehicle. Reports are that is now has over 100 of them (versus zero in Iran).

Pakistan has been a proliferation state that sold that technology to North Korea and Libya's Gaddafi. Now it plans to put small Tactical Nukes on India's Border. That could mean a Mushroom Cloud over DC. Here's why.
                                  This is called a "Suitcase NUKE" - Huge Kill Zone in a Small Package

Terrorists are not an existential threat to Europe and America. Bringing down the World Trade center did not destroy America.

Nuclear weapons are an existential threat. And so are Terrorists with nukes that fit in the trunk of a car.

A 'suitcase nuke' was supposedly made in the USSR.  It's small enough that you can put in the trunk of a car could be used on a street in DC during a meeting of Congress, and totally eliminate our government in one second, throwing the entire country in chaos and anarchy. Pakistan's tactical warheads aren't that small, but small enough to make stealing one possible.

So we must support President Obama's call for greater nuclear security. I am all over this because I wrote about the threat of nuclear terrorism in the 90's in a fiction book "Fire Over Arabia" that I was writing which became non-fiction before I finished it.  First, in the first gulf War and then with the bombing of the World Trade center in 1993. That was the warm up to 911.

I documented it on TV during the first Gulf War here.

I produced and hosted this TV program with a weapons expert from the Reagan administration entited "Nuclear Terrorism: Could It Happen Here?" in 1994.  It aired on Houston cable TV numerous times on the municipal channel.  I sent it to my Congressmen Tom DeLay (hand delivered it to his daughter at his campaign office) and sent another copy to Dick Cheney's attention -- nine months before 9/11.

NO RESPONSE. From any one. No one said: "What the hell is this!?"

SO that is why Donald Trump's call for MORE NUKES for Asia and places like Saudi Arabia is INSANE.

Pakistan and India have already fought three non-nuclear wars; we don't need a nuclear one and we don't need ISIS stealing one of these battlefield weapons and using it against a European or American city or government.

Pass this on.

Michael Fjetland, Author
Better Times Ahead April Fool

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