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Bernie Sanders "Hanoi Jane" Moment Makes Him A Loser Against GOP

There is a reason that Donald Trump wants Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic primary nomination. He knows that there is a dark time in Bernie's past that would enable even someone as hated as he is to win.

Is America ready for a socialist President who courted two communist governments that gained power by bullets, not ballots? Bernie courted Fidel Castro - even took a photo with him. This is when Cuba's economy was living on handouts from the Soviet Union. yet Bernie claimed how "impressive" Cuba's situation was.

My bet is that even a fascist would beat a naive socialist if it came down to that choice on the ballot.  Here's what I know, some from personal experience.
Bernie Sanders also supported leftist Daniel Ortega who led the Sandinista violent takeover of Nicaragua. Sanders did it personally, verbally and positively,  Google it. The Nicaraguan economy under Sandinista socialism is so bad that children live in a dump where they forage for food. They are called "Children of the Dump" in Managua, Nicaragua, which I discuss in the 2 minute video below. That's the type of economy they have twenty years later. Yet Sanders praised the Sadinistas as much as Fidel.

Castro and the Sandinistas denied free speech. Castro still does. They denied elections. They denied people freedom to protest. They denied free speech, and even freedom to own their own businesses. Yet Bernie Sanders sought out to praise these dictators.  Remember Hanoi Jane? Bernie in the mid-80's was like Hanoi Jane. (When I went to Nicaragua before the Sandinistas, described in my book, it was for a water project; I never praised them after their takeover, ever).

Check out this photo of Bernie with Fidel. It is not a photoshop. One is smiling like a Cheshire cat. The other is not impressed.  Bernie wasn't there to tell him to set his people free. He didn't push for a free market. Bernie was there to praise him --unlike Obama who made Raul Castro answer reporters questions for the first time in his life during his visit to Cuba.

In this photo, Bernie looks as ridiculous as Michael Dukakis looked in the tank helmet when he was running for president.

I happened to know about what was happening in Nicaragua because as a young lawyer for a big company I was sent their on my first trip overseas, on a mission to negotiate a water project for a Fortune 500 company just before the Sandinista's took over. So I saw personally what was going on (which is detailed a chapter in my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool") not expecting it to relate to this presidential race. 

President Somoza was a crook yes; my book talks about how he was trying to sucker our company to do a project that would calm people down; but the Sandinistas turned out to be even bigger crooks. They wrecked their economy just as Fidel wrecked Cuba's. Yet Bernie approved and praised them.

This is an excerpt from my book on what I found in Nicaragua - something Bernie apparently didn't see:
" ----------------------
Michael’s Journal
Nicaragua 1977
            Though the night seemed quiet when I stepped off the plane into the darkness of Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua, the pot was already boiling as the taxi took me to the pyramid-shaped Intercontinental Hotel.

 Photo above: The pyramid building is the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Managua, capital of Nicaragua. Famous, flamboyant Howard Hughes was living on the top floor at the time of the 1972 earthquake, and fled. I stayed in the same hotel when I arrived in 1977 – the city still had not been re-built.

            All hell was about to break loose.  Only I was too naive to know it.  Hell, the whole world was naive about this flyspeck of a country in Central America that no one had ever heard of, until it became a household name during the Reagan administration.  Maybe a couple of spooks in the CIA knew the lid was about to blow off, but they weren’t talking to me or my Fortune 500 bosses. If they had, no one would have sent me, right?  But here I was on my first international trip as a young lawyer. Now what?

            The first indication that something was strangely amiss was the empty blocks we passed in the taxi on the way to the hotel. Whole blocks were barren of buildings: here a building, there an empty block, then another building then another empty block. It was eerie. Like a moonscape or something from a WW II bombing. But I heard no shooting, saw no overt violence.

Photo: After the quake in Managua

           I asked the taxi driver what had happened.  He said that an earthquake before Christmas in 1972 had knocked down many of the buildings.  The devastation looked like a scene from Bosnia in the ’90s. I found out later that President (a title synonymous with dictator in those days) Somoza had taken millions in U.S. aid money to replace the lost buildings, yet years later the blocks remained empty and there was no sign of construction activity.

            Eighty percent of Managua's buildings had been destroyed or damaged in the quake; over 10,000 people had been killed.  Somoza apparently looted the money, and people were ..." (cont at the link.)

Yesterday it was Cuba and Nicaragua, tomorrow it will be other countries. We can't afford na├»ve dreamers as president leading our ship of state through these perilous global waters of terrorism and global tax schemes. Frankly, such a lack of judgment disqualifies a person from being considered a serious candidate for a country that is built on elections, free press, rule of law. 

Of the remaining candidates, only Hillary Clinton has the experience and judgment to be president of the United States in these turbulent times in this inescapable global economy. The other choices are people with insane ideas that would cost trillions in debt and global ill will.  This is a time when America has to be the adult in the room when Europe is facing a split and China is about to become the world's No. 1 economy with a growing military presence.

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