Saturday, April 16, 2016

Most Shallow Unprepared Presidential Candidates in Decades - FEAR is not a SOLUTION

Disagreements are Ok. They are an unavoidable part of life (ask any married person.)  What's important is HOW we handle them. By calm discussion or name calling? By rational presentation of facts or by attacking the other person and their body parts instead of adult discussion?

Candidates and supporters who use attacks instead of facts for persuasion to make their point, do so because they don't have real solutions. In 2016, America has the most shallow, unprepared bunch of presidential candidates in history, who are pushing FEAR instead of SOLUTIONS.

By making you fear Muslims, blacks, gays, "the Washington Cartel" whatever -- you won't notice that the emperor is naked. You won't notice that their economic plans are bizarre and would rack up TRILLIONS in deficits. By making you hate the other guy, you won't notice your pocket being picked.  Remember when people were labeled witches and burned at the stake?  Fear caused by an innocent person's awful death on our own history.

By using your fear, you won't notice that the emperor is naked. You won't notice that his economic plans are bizarre and would rack up TRILLIONS in deficits. You won't analyze that slapping China with a 45% tariff (Mr. trump) would immediately cause most goods people use go up in price by 45%!

Do your research. Too many people are buying into generalities not backed up with thought. "How do your break up the banks?" The answer should not be "I never thought about it!"  Nor should it be "Let THEM figure it out!"  That isn't a solution; that is a cop out of someone too lazy to actually figure out a reasonable solution.  Hate Wall Street? No, its not perfect but what's your SOLUTION, because even communist China used the free market economic approach to mushroom its growth, bringing millions of Chinese out of poverty --unlike Castro's Cuba that stuck with a socialist economy and hasn't advanced in 50 years.  IN China they ride the 265 mph MagLev train; in Cuba, they ride 1957 cars.

Start HERE at Global American Values blog with "Agenda for American Greatness" and pass it on to those looking at the issue this election year.

It's not based on fear but FACTS and a strategy to make America a key part of a new high tech global economy in a rapidly changing world. I have seen what we are up against in the world since I spent a life doing deals worldwide for Americans (which create jobs HERE). I see them passing us by if we don't upgrade our skills to compete.  But not by killing our economy with protectionism that created the Great Depression and Fear of the other in a diverse country that we are....

That diversity is our greatest strength that is nearly impossible to match by any other country in the world.  It is not to be feared but harnessed as we deal with a rising China, nuclear North Korea, Pakistan and India, the Middle East, and a Europe being banged about by bad economics and millions of migrants, causing nationalist parties to rise, based on.....FEAR.

There is only one candidate of the remaining big 4 that is offering actual, sensible solutions. I'll let you figure it out, or find it in Agenda for American Greatness. Stay tuned.

Michael Fjetland, Author
Better Times Ahead April Fool

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