Thursday, September 22, 2011

America NEEDS a JOBS Act - It Needs ACTION Not Talking Points!

Did any of you feel today news was incredibly depressing?

Stock market tumbled almost 400 pts. Congress couldn't take action to fix our employment issues if a Fukishima-sized Tsunami was approaching. Wait! There IS a Tsunami approaching - and Congress' reaction?

It fiddles. Congress forgets the history of the Great Depression and 1937 and believes CUTS generate jobs; even as they cause more lay offs. Either that or they are intentionally trying to sabotage a recovery so they can take over in 2012. They don't deserve in office if either is true.

It is beyond stupid when 14 million are unemployed and Congress has to "think" about re-building 144,000 50-year old bridges, putting armies of people to work--people constructing steel and all the business that service them! It's a no-brainer. But NOTHING happens in the Congress. Nothing but talking points and inaction.

The bridge that President Obama visited that spans the district served by Speaker John Boehner with the state served by Mitch McConnell is 50 years old - and drops concrete on its lower deck. Obama's plan would replace it. What is wrong with that? Do we wait for it to tumble into the river with people on it before acting? How incompetent is that?

We have a failure to ACT, both in America's Congress -- whose sins are multiplied by the same lack of action to fix the Euro zone economic disaster.

Markets crashed worldwide today. The "Solutions" being sold aren't solutions. Gov. Perry campaigns as a "job creator" and it turns out that 80% of those went to immigrants (legal and illegal) instead of natives. Most were minimum wage in nasty working conditions.

President Obama's latest Jobs Act plan for $445 billion is, if anything, TOO MODEST.

It should be expaned, at least double or at least $1 Trillion - focused 80% on rebuilding our half century old technology, the crumbling 600,000 bridges, etc. Texas now spends more on interest for bonds issued to build those roads than it does on repairing the same roads that are now falling apart. Our gas tax doesn't even pay for the yearly maintenance required to keep all our roads working!

Houston is predicted to double in size the next 20 years. Do you think we can "cut" investment to deal with that successfully - without new roads, without replacing worn out wharves at our port with new shipments already UP 9% in 2011. The port business will explode when the expanded Panama Canal opens in 2014? It's guaranteed gridlock for Houston if we don't invest in new roads and infrastruture. Otherwise motorists will be in non-moving traffic for over 50 miles in every direction. It's nuts.

So how can the U.S. win the 21st century when Congress fails to act and focuses on phony solutions that only cut jobs instead of creating them? Do you remember the bridge near Minneapolis St Paul that collapsed and drowned drivers because it wasn't fixed? How many of those do we need to have to wake up?

America should be investing in its future and upgrading our country and putting people to work. Paying for it is the easiest part. We have trillions sitting in corporate and bank accounts already. We are not broke.

We are only missing ACTION in Congress to immediately reverse today's depressing news. Call them! Pass the Jobs Act and do even MORE of them!

Pass this on to your friends and ask them to do the same - contact their Congress rep and demand a YES vote on American Jobs Act - cuts don't CREATE jobs, they COST them...

The JOB it creates could be your own!

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