Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Economists: Obama Jobs Act Would Avoid Recession in 2012

A new report by economists surveyed by Bloomberg News says that the Jobs Act proposed by President Obama "would create jobs and, even more important, avoid a dip back into recession in 2012."

In my opinion the act should be bigger with more money invested in infrastructure spending on repairing America's 144,000 derelict bridges (some of them 80 years old!) to really get things moving in the right direction. Paul Krugman says it best: "the United States needs to spend on a scale similar to World War II in order to escape an extended economic slump."

America also needs more energy efficiency action, since that would cut peoples' energy bills and put a lot of construction type people to work.

But Obama's plan is still far better than the NO PLAN offered by the other side.

All the GOP has come up with is (1) more budget cuts - which don't put unemployed to work and (2) more tax cuts is what got us into this mess to begin with starting with the Bush tax cuts 10 years ago.
Our national debt has soared ever since 2001 for that reason.

Congress needs to DO something to create jobs, not cost jobs. The obsession with cutting spending is repeating the mistake of 1937 when America was working its way out of the Great Depression. When FDR tried to cut the deficit in 1937 after several jobs programs were started, the U.S. went right back into another recession.

Are we that stupid to repeat that mistake? Have our leaders learned nothing from history?

Or is this about keeping the economy bad for the election of 2012 -- instead of doing something to help the millions of unemployed teachers, construction workers and ordinary people that want work and their government working for them?

If you agree, pass this on and contact your Congress rep - tell them to pass a Jobs Bill that creates jobs or find a new job for themselves!

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