Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hiking in IRAQ NEAR IRAN border. Spies? No. Stupid? YES...

Hiking in IRAQ NEAR IRAN border, lead to two years in Iran in jail.
Spies, no. STUPID? YES. What moron goes hiking in Iraq of all places, next to the border of Iran of all places. Very STUPID.
It cost someone $1 million to bail them out...duh. Don't be stupid people or you will sit in a foreign jail a long time...I can't feel sorry for stupid. No one died...
P.S. Part of the problem, too, is that we really don't have a strong international legal structure to deal with these cases.
I did a child kidnapping negotiation once in Syria (now in flames). They were not signatories to the International Child Kidnapping Act, so we had to "wing it"..
It's in my book I'm preparing for release...If you go to jail overseas, say Mexico or China, there isn't much that can be done right now...Subscribe or "Follow" to get release date...

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