Saturday, September 3, 2011

Two key questions for Americans in 2012

Been working on my book.

Today's theme: Two key questions Americans should be asking themselves for 2012 -

(1) WHICH potential President (and Congress rep) HAS the 21st Century skills needed for American success?

(2) "What are the 21st Century leadership skills needed for today's global, high tech, space age economy?

It's a unique book that doesn't just blow gas on others.
It even has SOLUTIONS proposed to get our mojo back. If you read the last chapter you get the solutions.

The rest of the chapters trace 30 years of journals written while on missions around the world, from night trains in China to negotiating international kidnapping cases in the Middle East (in Syria, of all places), etc...

It's a global economy. It normally takes 7 years to pull out of a financial recession like this one. We can't afford to wait 7 years. There are solutions to do it much quicker but only someone with a serious amount of global expertise (in a global economy) can bring to the table.

(Hint: A politician who has barely been out of Frog Jump Arkansas or Alaska hasn't got a clue...this is no time to send a couch potato to the Olympics and expect to win).

Author did get out of a farm in Iowa to become a Fortune 500 trained international attorney, who was laid off and proved it was not fatal. He became a global entrepreneur, produced TV programs on the threat of a 9/11, was a 9/11 TV terrorism analyst, and founded a green company that protects people from 21st Century threats and pays for itself in energy savings. It is 'carbon negative.'

Details and solutions are going into the book, soon to be released as an eBook. Subscribe or "Follow" this blog to get the publication date and link. Stay tuned...

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