Monday, September 26, 2011

Time for the (Global) AMERICAN Party?

In the recent GOP debates we have heard spontaneous audience cheers at people who have a serious medical condition and no insurance, facing premature death as a result. We heard the same people spontaneously cheer at the number of people Gov. Perry's state has executed, unconcerned that over 130 death row prisoners in the U.S. have been found innocent, exonerated by DNA evidence so far.

We have seen the same people, who profess to support our military, boo a member of our military (who happened to be gay).

This is not a group that represents the goodness of America. That basic goodness has always made us special in the world. America has never been a cruel and mean nation. We were founded by men fleeing cruel and mean nations. They wrote a Constitution to avoid that fate.

Do we honor them by us becoming mean and cruel?

America has always been a country of light, the one country that let the little guy make it big, to get justice in our courts. America is about freedom, respect and equality, not 'thumbs down' Romans hoping to see a person killed in the ring.

America has been the guys in the white hats -- defending the world from the black hats. We saved Europe from Nazism and its cruelty (death to you!) --ask the Jews, Poles, English, French, Norwegians, etc. We stood up to Cold War Russia.

America has always been the key country that stood for improving lives for ALL people, around the world -- not degrading them.

Maybe we should have a "(Global) American Party"! We LIKE EVERYBODY! We don't care what color you are, what religion you are. We treat people everyone with respect!

The "Global American" series ( represents the center of America - Democrats, Republicans and Independents, the rock solid center of this amazing country. We possess common sense, global experience and value vision. We are Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Nonbelievers -- and if any Martians show up we'd let them in too!

It's TIME to tune in to GLOBAL AMERICAN RADIO at

As JFK once said, we cannot win with delusional thinking; we can only win by confronting reality. That is the Global American series.

We have the ingredients for success. We just don't have the brains for it in Congress right now.

How do we find it? Tune in for the next exciting chapter in the continuing saga, on Global American radio,

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