Sunday, September 18, 2011

Class Warfare? Or Just American EQUALITY...?

The GOP has called President Obama's plan to equalize the tax percentage paid by all Americans as "Class warfare." If you think that the upper class getting lower tax rates than the Middle Class is class warfare, then it is warfare by the privileged against the Middle Class to pay less than them.

Billionaire Warren Buffet pays half the tax % his secretary pays --he pays about 17%; she pays 33%. He says that's wrong. He's right.

That's not class warfare. That's American equality...

Equality is what America was built on. It's in our Constitution - "All men are created equal" it says. Right now, 400 families in the U.S. control more wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans! This inequality on taxation is what makes the rich richer and the Middle Class poorer. Poverty has climbed to an all time high partly because of tax favoritism.

Why would any political party advocate unequal treatment of all American taxpayers is a mystery to me -- unless they stand with the privileged class, who got their half-off rates after donating to members of Congress?

Warren Buffet is right. The President is right. The Middle Class is right - taxation should be equal. That's not class warfare. That's AMERICAN...

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