Saturday, January 19, 2013

Algeria Crisis: Is Foreign Work/Travel Too Dangerous?

The recent news about the attacks on a gas facility in Algeria may have Americans wondering about the risks of working or traveling aboard. But they may be surprised which country I found to be the most dangerous.

In the last 30 plus years I have traveled to nearly 50 countries on business. After a layoff from the Fortune 500 I traveled as an entrepreneur - once flying from Jakarta Indonesia to Bangkok, Thailand just as a coup was happening. I traveled to Syria in the late 90s on an international child kidnapping case. Nothing bad ever happened to me on those trips (other than once getting some bad food in Singapore). 

The most dangerous place I've been? Unfortunately, the USA.

It was in the USA that I was once kidnapped - yes, kidnapped by a guy who wanted money. And I had known this person for nearly two years while working on a case in East Texas. We have the most gun violence of any country in the world, including places like Pakistan where I have also been.

All of these stories are included in my book: "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" (Surviving a Layoff on a Global Scale) at the link.

Americans need to travel the world to see how we stand in it - we are falling behind in both education and technology.

If you don't believe me, go see for yourself. You can start with a comparison of China 30 years ago versus today - and see how they now lead us in 7 key technologies that I compiled in this narrated PowerPoint report...

Traveling the world is less dangerous than being ignorant of what is going on in it that impacts our future leadership and economy.

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