Sunday, January 20, 2013

If I had been voting on Sandy Relief, it Would Have Been...

If I had been in Congress for the Sandy relief vote, I would have voted YES.


Because Americans help Americans when disaster strikes.

That's what makes us special.

When my dad injured his back on our farm in Iowa when I was young, I remember that the neighbors came over and helped put up the hay. We did the same for another farmer who fell on hard times. But a SuperStorm is far beyond the resources of ordinary people. That's where Congress steps in.

Americans helped us on the Gulf coast when IKE hit in 2008. We helped when Katrina hit in 2005. That's what we do as AMERICANS.

I can't imagine as a person standing on the shore when someone is drowning -- and refusing to throw them a life line Is that pro-life? Hardly.

Learning how to succeed in the global economy is what being a Global American is about - what it takes in education and knowledge to win in this inescapable, high tech global economy...

Global American VALUES are the values that have made America great in the past and can in our future - if we embrace them:
TREATING OTHERS WITH RESPECT (the way YOU wish to be treated)

(NO, It's NOT all about MONEY). But adults in Congress would be a big step up - denying funding for Disaster victims does not make us great. It doesn't make us religious. It doesn't even make us human.

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