Sunday, January 13, 2013

India's Rape Problem - And America's Military

My book "Better Times Ahead: APril Fool?" starts with a scene in India. It's where the title came from. I am mystified WHAT IS GOING ON IN INDIA - where men just rape women on buses - the driver wouldn't let the woman off at her village.

What the hell is wrong with these sexually repressed countries - in Saudi men will follow women in cars and harass them. India has a caste system - but the lowest caste aren't the "untouchables" but, apparently, WOMEN...

India still does sonograms - so they can determine sex of the child - and to abort female babies. As the largest democracy in the world, something is WRONG. Please FIX IT...

But then, we also have a rape problem in our military. Let's FIX IT too..

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