Friday, January 11, 2013

Sometimes it Takes 3 Computers to Do the Work of One - Progress

NONE of my scanners on two different printers work with Windows 8! They Got me again! Windows 7 had become too slow and the new 8 doesn't work with the programs that worked with Windows 7.

Luckily i have a Notebook computer that has Windows 7 and it IS communicating with a scanner. So at least I can actually do something simple, right? LOL. I've seen this movie before. Every time a new MS  comes out critical components of your existing system sounds chokes and stops working.

Moral: ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP! It's like your spare tire. The crappy notebook is a "refurnished" lemon i got at Frys; now it apparently can do 1 thing well - scan. Glad I didn't invest in Windows 8 on that one or it wouldn't have it doing its one trick pony act.

To meet the work demand I've now got 3 computers working - one for narrating a powerpoint i made about the current state of the critical US vs China Tech race (in case you are wondering, we are losing it -- but i know how to win it).

Meanwhile, the "electronically challenged" notebook is waiting for its next scan assignment (I can't give it away because it wouldn't work right for the recipient - PLEASE Steal this one (so it will drive the thief nuts if he tries to use it as a real computer!).

And this 3rd computer (fairly new machine that also has "issues") is needed for checking NEWS, FB,  email etc while the other ones are busy Otherwise I am waiting on them to catch up.

Moral 2: DON'T SLOW DOWN - It could all end in a second. Don't let your world come to the inevitable end with the music still playing in your head. Because then it is lost forever.

FOGGY OUTSIDE. Good night to be IN...

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