Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Less They Know, the More "Expert" They are...

I posted an article on Facebook today about a rare place few people have seen, but I was lucky enough to see over a 30 year time span  -- China. It showed they have $3 Trillion in CASH and lead us in 7 key technologies.

My point was to spur an intelligent conversation on what America should do to get back in the lead. Instead, dumb and dumber showed up.

Suddenly a couple "commenters" were cutting down my information - without even reading my presentation, a photo essay (I took the photos) showing what the actual China looked like 30 years ago when I first went there in 1982 - as lead negotiator on behalf of a Fortune 500 company - and again in 2012 when I went back to compare.

These commentators have NEVER BEEN THERE EVER. Yet they were so confident in their opinion, not even seeing mine. They spewed nonsense about "Hitler" and autobahns and how building new wasn't really an advantage over our 70 year old, falling down bridges.

It was beyond clueless and stupid.

This arrogance of opinion and disrespect of experience and FACTS by Americans is not rare these days in America. It makes me wonder how we keep being great if we become delusional and detached from the real world around us. When I speak of upgrading our skills - which is what is will take to get our mojo back to No. 1 - you would think I had just shot them with a gun.

I see this all the time, not just on FB but in real life.

It seems the less some people know, the more "expert" they seem to think they are.

Worse, they reject learning anything from someone who had personal experience. Sure, they will listen to some moron on the radio who never left Iowa or the USA. This kind of ignorant arrogance is  sabotaging our future. Failure to learn and adapt to this global economic world is going to kill us.

I am seeing this all through America.

It wouldn't matter if we were still No. 1 in technology and had the best education system in the world. But we aren't.

FACT: America has 2 million UNFILLED, High Tech Jobs OPEN - but there aren't AMERICANS qualified to fill them. Does that sound like we are "NO. 1" to you? Then listen up.

That attitude won't help us - it will kill us. It won't help us win this real life global competition for the No. 1 economy in the world when China is No. 2 and barreling in on overtaking our No. 1 by 2030 - and could be sooner.

That could be easily fixed if people WANTED to learn something related to those issues.Too many Americans have a fantasy view of the world.We need REALITY if we are going to WIN. An ostrich with its head in the sand doesn't fool the hungry Tiger.

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