Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recessions Lay Offs and Re-Invention - 21st century Survival

One thing I haven't talked about much that is in my book "Better Times Ahead" is how a lay off and a financial Tsunami that sucks 100% of your life's savings is still not a fatal blow. I found that out personally during the Great Texas Bush of the 80's when even the Governor went broke.

 In fact it can lead to amazing revelations and re-inventions.

That is what I write about in my book -- what that awful process is like - going from farm to flying the Concorde Worldwide - to losing EVERYTHING, BUT then surviving and even thriving when re-invention gives us another chance at the brass ring.

To see what I mean, you have to go on a journey to far off lands at a time long ago. It is a wild ride from one extreme to another, where lessons learned apply to making it a better today.

 Check out "Better Times Ahead: April Fool" 

It was those lessons (with experience to the far reaches of our planet) that led to the "Agenda for American Greatness" at the web link.

Take a ride on the wild side. See how even failure leads to success when we re-invent ourselves. THAT is the key to America's future and our own.

Better Times Ahead: April Fool? It's up to US  whether or not we fool ourselves - or win the global high tech space age 21st century...

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