Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Israel Blast Missiles in Syria Heading for Hezbollah

Big things changed today in Syria and it impacts the USA, especially if you have ever taken a flight.

For the first time since Syria began its death spiral for dictator Bashir Assad, Israel launched an air strike against a convey of Syrian trucks IN Syria.

The Israeli's did NOT make this raid to help the rebels trying to take control of Syria from its dictator whose troops have deliberately fired at civilians including women and children trying to get food.

The Israeli action was a desperate act needed in desperate times to keep antiaircraft missiles from being transferred by Assad's Syrian military to a terrorist group in Lebanon --missiles which posed a threat to both Israel and the USA.Those missiles threatens anyone flying a commercial airliner and Israel and American military aircraft.

The Syria death spiral is terminal.  We are witnessing another well-armed Middle East dictator thug - the chinless Bashir Assad who has murdered tens of thousands of his own people with his military being driven from office -- an inescapable event that has dangerous spin offs to the world.

The Assads have a huge stockpile of dangerous military weapons, such as chemical weapons that have just hit the global Black Market. Syria's arsenal includes the anti-aircraft missiles attacked in this rare across border raid by Israel.

Israel has rarely struck across its border. Historically, they are on defense and are not aggressors actively attacking its neighbors (although it did take out an Iraqi nuclear complex Saddam was building in 1981 and they also hit a suspected nuclear facility in Syria several years ago).  Israel doesn't start wars but has been on the receiving end of several attacks (if you remember history, Israel was attacked in the 1967 war, `73 war etc. I've followed each)

That changed today when Israeli jets hit a Syria truck convey that was heading towards Lebanon- and Hezbollah. Stay tuned - global events DO impact Americans (and Israelis) future...

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