Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tough love means honest truth.

After 1.5 Million views of my TV prediction of a 9/11 made in 1991 -- if you look at the comments it will scare you how little people know. Amazing how many think it was obvious to talk about a potential 9/11 ten years BEFORE the event...Monday morning quarterbacking is all too common.

Killing people with kindness doesn't always work. Tough love means honest truth.

So here is what I am replying to those who comments border on mindless:

"You are so clever. I don't see your video prediction of 9/11 before 911 or anyone else's. I predict that you probably don't have the skill to fill one of the 2 million $70,000 up high tech jobs OPEN in the USA TODAY because you don't have the skills - and probably don't think you need them. It's OK, Chinese and Indian kids DO have the skills to fill those jobs if you don't. That's not just a prediction. It's a FACT...LOL"
 Maybe if i make them mad, they will get off their duffs and get advanced skills instead of being experts where fools dare to tread..If you haven't been in the world you have no clue what we face as a country.  
 My story is about that journey on not only the path less traveled, it went to places where there were no paths at all! lol

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