Tuesday, July 30, 2013

79% Will See a Layoff/Unemployment in Their Career

Stats show that 79% of us will experience the pain of unemployment at some point in our careers.
Struggling whites and minorities need to get themselves MORE training or education - that's the new reality. Don't blame Obama - he didn't create this mess and the opposition has fought every attempt Obama has made for Job Training, Education and Infrastructure work that would employ millions.

I went through unemployment during the Great Texas Oil Bust of the 80's - much like what our nation went through starting in 2008. I had to INVENT my own business to survive - because I already had a post-grad degree.

For the last 30 years, tax policy has redistributed wealth to the top 1% - away from the Middle Class. It's all laid out in my book - the Good, The Bad and the Ugly - as well as our future path back to prosperity....


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