Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How Houston Reflects What America Will Look Like SOON...

In 1980 Houston's population was 63% white, today it is 33%. Today we are 41% Hispanic, 18% African-American and 8% for all others including Asians.

For those 30 and younger today only 22% are white.

The data above comes from a study done by the Kinder Institute for Urban Research and
the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University.

A quote from one of the authors of the study says:
"Houston is 25  years ahead of the rest of the country. Soon all of America will look like this city.
There is no force in the world than can stop the United States becoming more Latino, more
African-American, more Middle Eastern and Asia. It's inevitable!"

To see what the rest of the world looks like, check out "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - a true story.

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