Tuesday, July 23, 2013

White Racists --Please STOP making us White Folks look BAD you morons

As a progressive white guy who has friends of all colors, religions and  nations,  I have ONE thing to say. We have WAY TOO MANY WHITE RACISTS!

Please stop making us look BAD, you morons. Even your stupid protest signs are misspelled - very impressive! It proves my point that you have low I.Q's.

STOP IT!  You are making us intelligent tolerant white people look bad! THAT pisses me off!

Have you never been out of Anytown, USA? Have you never had a friend of another color? Or a friend who has another religion--and I don't mean a Methodist meeting a Baptist or a Mormon. Have you been to a synagogue or had a Jewish friend?

Have you never been to a Mosque or had a Muslim friend? You probably have and didn't know it when you went to a store. I have done all of that -- and more. I have also seen Hindu temples in places like India -- and Stafford, Texas. The Mosques I went to were in Ft. Bend, Texas.

I've been in about 50 countries--that beats being an expert on Iowa where I grew up or never leaving Houston, Texas, and never seeing anything beyond it.

If you had any real knowledge of the real world you would know this. We live in a world FULL of DIFFERENT people! Black people and Hispanic people and Asian people -- all GOOD people. As good as you are. Get over it. It's a DIVERSE world. Frankly, from what I have seen many of them are SMARTER than you! Americans have become soft and, frankly, lazy. We think you can be a star simply by wishful thinking, like it's a lottery.

Fortunately, not all of us White People are Intolerant Bigoted Jerks like you! Got that?

I find bigoted White People DUMB as DIRT -- especially those who "know everything" and have been "nowhere."  The world ain't Mayberry or NCIS folks.

That includes millionaire radio twits like Rush Gasbag and Glen "Been Nowhere" Beck leading those who know even less.

Have they ever done an international child kidnapping case in Syria like I did? Hell no. They would fill their pants at the thought of going to a place like China. Can you imagine Limbaugh or Beck handling an international fraud case against Americans in Europe like I  did (as told in "Better Times Ahead April Fool")? It would freak them out.

Have they even run a BUSINESS? Hell NO. LOL.

Speaking for this more enlightened white folks, I found GOOD people (more good than assholes) WORLDWIDE.

They treated me with respect. I treated them with respect. They valued getting to know me as an American.  I valued getting to know them. 

 If you think "everybody hates us," it tells me that (1) you have never been anywhere and (2) you don't know what you are talking about because of (3) - YOU HAVEN'T BEEN THERE AND DON'T KNOW THEM.

I HAVE. I DO.  I wrote about what I saw in those people around the world in journals I kept the last 30 years (described in my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool" . I got the rare opportunity to see the world from the top and the bottom, from the Fortune 500 to being the entrepreneur running out of money half way across the world.

If White Trash can't spell and don't have the high tech skills of the 21st century, THEY are toast in the 21st century. Why?

Because the Chinese and Indians have BETTER high tech skills TODAY -- they have the skills to fill the 2 million OPEN Jobs in the USA that pay $70,000 and up -- because the loud mouthed white folks don't have those skills. TRUE. So, bigots, why don't YOU have those skills if you are so smart?

Your big mouth doesn't count for experience and education. Labor is now a GLOBAL commodity.  If you don't have the skills, someone on the other side of the world WILL. Either buck up and get the skills or lose it -- race is now irrelevant in the global job market.

We all have children we want to grow up and get a good education. We all want a chance for a good job and a justice system that is fair. We all have, on a GLOBAL scale, access to high tech education and training. If you don't get it, someone else on the planet WILL. And THEY will get the job and you can work at McDonald's with your superior attitude.

I grew up in Iowa, but I never encountered RACISM until I moved to Texas. There is a reason we had a war between the states -- to kick bigoted asses when certain whites thought it was cool and LEGAL to OWN SLAVES.  Had I been alive when Lincoln defended the Union and fought the South for breaking up the Union, I would have fought against the Slavers -- every time.

Today, I see your Confederate ancestors claiming its the "blacks" who are the real racists. Really? The people who have been lynched--even when wearing the uniform of a U.S. soldier-- is the racist?

Racism is ignorance. Get over it. While you are hung up on race I have news for you. We have a global economy we must win or it won't matter...and it will take every race we have to WIN it!

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