Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If SNOWDEN REALLY Wanted to Be a Hero--He Would....

Pack his computer full of NSA data - which he's allowed Russia and Chinese intelligence to see...AND CATCH A FLIGHT BACK TO THE USA - and face the music here. 

He should NOT take America's data to Russia and stay there -- and tell me you think you are some kind of "patriot" American "hero."

Selling out your country and its most confidential files is NEVER "Hero" status anywhere.

Next Subject: WHY in the HELL is CUBA sending MISSILE PARTS etc to NORTH KOREA? FUCK YOU. THANK YOU Panama!

To be continued. "Subscribe" for the next big event.

In the meantime, if you are really desperate to be entertained duringthis strange HOT SUMMER, why not check out a TRUE global action adventure (true) story, check out "Better Times Ahead April Fool"  

And I just heard on TV yet ANOTHER story on a break -in. And I wonder why people don't armor their homes and buildings from the increased threats from brazen burglars and bizarre storms fueled by climate change. All that info is at

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