Monday, July 22, 2013

Pope MOBBED in RIO - Inside Look at Brazil that May be America's Future

Did you see how the POPE was MOBBED TODAY in Rio, Brazil? His motorcade was STOPPED - VERY Dangerous for any international celebrity. All it takes is one nut in a situation like that. I know Rio. I have been there. America may soon look like Brazil - where the 1% fly helicopters and 99% have NOTHING.

I was in a Rio bar with a friend when peanuts starting flying our way - it turned out to be GIRLS who were secretaries by day wanting a date by night. That view of Rio is in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" along with insights on America's place in the world.

It's a BOY - we know have 4 heirs to the monarchy in England. If you travel globally you soon find out that London is the hub of anyone traveling from the U.S. to the Middle East or Africa - not to mention Europe.  The big corporate types I was working for INSISTED I be taken to the original Playboy Club in London in the 80's (I fought that of course)...that story is in "Better Times Ahead April Fool"

It includes a story of my taking a young Texas entrepreneur who sold tapes of Texas dancing and music to Paris for a meeting with Euro-Disney buyers -- right after it opened (Euro Disney had a Western theme).  When we got to London we found out that the French transit had been hit by a strike --so I had to figure a way to get into Paris on time for the meeting.

I decided that we had to "Run the Blockade"... story in:

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