Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How the Fall of Morsi Could Be GOOD for Democracy - Game over for a wannabe religious dictator

What happens now that Egypt's first "democratically" elected President has been toppled by the military? How will it impact the USA and the Middle East?  It's 'game over' for a wannabe religious dictator and I think its actually good news for America. Stay with me on this.

The largest mass rally of people in the world just happened in Egypt and swept out of office an Islamist dicator-in-the-making, Mr. Morsi. He was elected democratically but then shut out everyone outside his Muslim Brotherhood organization, hoping to turn Egypt into an Iran-type religious dominated country. 

Between 22 and 35 MILLION secular young Eyptians saw that happening and had other ideas. They wanted nothing to do with the narrow Islamists who wanted Sharia law and women to be separated from men and cover themselves. The secularists are like "Summer," a young Egyptian woman I have met on Facebook. She and others like her that I talk to are very bright and like the same things many Americans do, from music to movies.  "Gingham style" dancing and friend--not jihad--is want they want.

Millions like filled the streets in Egypt demanding the end of their first democratically-elected President less than a year after electing him, after the same secular youth deposed 30-year dictator Mubarak.

Ask these young people. They will tell you it was they, the non-religious, secular youth who initially toppled Mubarak after three decades of iron-fisted rule. Then the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists stole it from them, and refused to share. The military warned Morsi to change his ways and start sharing power. Morsi refused. So the military, who have more heavy weapons than the Muslim Brotherhood, removed him.  I see this as positive and hopeful. We did not need another hardline Islamist state in the Middle East. We have plenty of those already boiling.

Democracies like the United States have two parties (and more) -- not just one calling all the shots.  Morsi was consolidating power for the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists--no one else would have any influence in Egypt if he and his narrow minded, grumpy old men group (even more grumpy than ours) had anything to say about it.

So twice as many people came out against Morsi as the number against Mubarak! The military took one look and switched sides, supporting the millions marching in the streets who wanted freedom from the Islamists. So the military was flying the flag in a helicopter parade overhead instead of shooting people on the streets. They booted Morsi. Game over for a wannabe religious dictator.

If you are the American President you cannot say "Hooray" at this development but as an American citizen you CAN and SHOULD.  President's have to say things like "We support the Egyptian people and the democratic process."  Then encourage new elections as soon as possible.

Now Egypt has a shot at a "do over" and real democracy. They have a shot at a secular government like ours is supposed to be -- instead of becoming another Iran run by Mullahs and Ayatollahs and narrow-minded Muslim Brotherhood Islamists.

My own experience with Egypt is very personal and unique. As a young Fortune 500 negotiator I was sent to Egypt -- and ended up giving my Nile Hilton hotel room in the middle of that trip for the first peace treaty ever between Israel and an Arab country. I find out later that President Carter's a team took over the entire hotel along with my room. LOL.

The Details of that story and how how we can reinvent ourselves and the world are part of my 2013 eBook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" 

Better Times Ahead? Or April Fool? It's all up to us, and our friends around the world like the young secularists who just moved a mountain away from this Mohammad.

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