Friday, August 3, 2012

30 Years Later: How Does China and USA Rank in Tech Leadershp?

Photo: Michael Fjetland (left), Interpreter Wang Yen and Bob Sload, on a trip representing Dresser Industries, Inc. 1982 - pollution control technology for their coal power plants. I was the attorney and Bob was one of the technical guys (nice guy). Ms. Wang Yen was one of our Chinese Interpreters during negotiations. And yes, that is part of the "Great Wall of China."
Photo: Tiananmen Square - October 1 is "National Day" and out come the flags..I happened to arrive for their National Day events...

Details of that trip and other international adventures after a layoff at:

To give Americans a sense of the vast changes that have happened in the country that poses the greatest technical challenge to American leadership,  I signed up with the National Hispanic Professionals for a trip to China this October - 30 years from my FIRST Trip to China in 1982. How does the USA stack up against China in 2012?

My first trip to China in 1982 was when I was with a Fortune 500 company. This time it is with my own small company, which is a thriving green+security company, Armor Glass (  It is thriving under Obama's leadership because he has promoted energy efficiency and renewable energy.  We are doing very well when old industries struggle -- and we AREN'T even doing any work with the government!

Armor Glass is a sample of the new green economy that could generate tens of thousands if not millions of jobs, while SAVING our country BILLIONS in energy costs.

Upon return, I plan to compare the old China you read about in"Better Times Ahead" with present China, including a ride on the world's first "Maglev" train - its electropmagnets HOVER above the bed, making it possible to safety exceed 200 miles per hour!

After that trip, I will be publishing an opinion based on experience in nearly 50 countries on where the USA ranks against its main competitor in this global, space age 21st Century...

Michael Fjetland

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