Thursday, August 2, 2012

TEABAG GOP wings refusal to INVEST in ANYTHING

3 planes almost COLLIDED at Reagan Intl in DC...Reason? We still have an old radar system that leads to these issues. Why?

Because of the TEABAG GOP wings refusal to INVEST in ANYTHING including FAA systems, endangers all of us who fly...

Our 70 year old bridges will collapse with people like you on them (when it happens I hope that the Congress rep who voted against funding repair or replacement is on it when it falls into the water, like the bridge in Minneapolis St Paul that fell into the Mississippi with people trapped in their cars, when Mr. Pawlenty was GOvernor.

I am going to China in October to compare 2012 China with the China I first saw on my first trip there 30 years ago (as a young attorney for a Fortune 500 company selling pollution control equipment). It's desribed in "Better Times Ahead; APril Fool?

Over HALF of U.S> is under DROUGHT....And DO NOTHING CONGRESS does....NOTHING about it. We need to dump the CORN Ethanol and HELP THIS FARMERS. TeaBag Congress does NEITHER.

Obama just did for Syria what the GOP used to call "Freedom Agenda" when Bush was doing it - fighting dictators that kill their own people, as Assad is doing, attacking civilian houses with jets and tanks...dead women and children line the streets. Bush sent armies and spent trillions. Obama sent a team of Seals and Osama bin laden was dead - VERY EFFICIENT.  No Tora Bora.

Why listen to my opinion? I've only been there..have you? My story:

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