Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics Big GOLD Winners: USA and CHINA, But Different Attitudes

SPECIAL: OLYMPICS 2012 in London

The USA and CHINA are the two biggest GOLD METAL winners at the London 2012 Olympics. But a BIG DIFFERENCE has popped  up - ATTITUDE.

Several Chinese Badminton players intentionally tried to lose a match - in order to advance to WEAKER opponents in the next round.  To its IMMENSE CREDIT the Olympics officials EXPELLED them.  

You did not see American performers trying to game the system.

Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte fought it out to the end. Both won. Phelps took a record number of medals - but it was the fierce competition with Lochte that increased the competitiveness of BOTH.  

 Imagine trying that on your own...without someone pushing you to be faster, better...

China has upgraded its technology in amazing fashion since my first time to see it 30 years ago, in 1982. Their people have skills to fill jobs in America that Americans themselves do NOT have. 

Yet without democracy and ethics a country cannot win the future. If AMericans upgrade our skills, we can be No. 1 again. 

But not if we sit and watch mindless "reality" TV and don't go see what is happening in countries like China, while our bridges and roads and education falls into disrepair and neglect....

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