Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Slap in the Face" Threats - NOT American values

Friend of mine works for a guy. He sells a million dollars a year for this guy who owns the company. The owner has been abusive, to the point of calling up on the intercom and saying things like "Do I have to come out there and slap your face!" to another employee. 

My friend has found himself on the phone trying to make a sale when the owner will come up and start screaming at another employee (imagine that really helps make a sale).

Get this: the owner calls himself religious and is supporting the GOP ticket, yet treats his employees making him millions a year like dirt.

Anyone know a good lawyer who can advise if this is actionable? My friend is just "taking it" but I think the working conditions are as bad as China - something out of Captain Blythe.
TRUE STORY...These are NOT "American Values" and certainly not Global American values when you don't treat people with RESPECT and EQUALITY.

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