Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time for an America That Gets Off the Sex and VIOLENCE and BUILDS for Our Kids

Do you think our movies could get any more SHALLOW? OR STUPID and INSIPID?

America can do better than more empty plots of sex and violence -

It seems CLEAR to me like all the movies are about BLOWING UP things INSTEAD of BUILDING THINGS...Meth dealers are heros? Now its "live sex" in making a movie. That really sets a LOW Standard for our kids, doesn't it?   That kind of stuff should be left to the bozos doing with their Smarphones? LOL.

People who go to this move are subsidizing PORN.

We need some Uplifting Movies.

How about this one?  It's about a person who was flying high then gets laid off --goes through hell, and survives. Even thrives!  Ever run out of money half way around the world? I once did..Get kidnapped in East Texas? I did. Negotiates an international child kidnapping case in Syria? I did.

Now I've got a thriving Green Company.  Americans are still looking at the past instead of what we need to do to win the future. This book is a roadmap to both surviving disaster and how to build America's future in a high tech global, space age economy.

Do you have a friend who needs a lift in spirit? Feeling down?

Then recommend they read this story. I will make them feel better. That there is a way up. It's my story. If I can survive what happened in this book, you can survive ANYTHING.  Best part: It concludes with SOLUTIONS, not Porn...

"Better Times Ahead: April Fool"

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