Saturday, August 4, 2012

War with IRAN - $10 gas. Rain of hell on U.S. and Israel

For those wanting a war with IRAN, read this article by the guy who predicted how the Iraq war would go...

The U.S. would lose at least an aircraft carrier, and more. In one second we could suffer 5,000 U.S. military deaths.  Iran has Chinese made supersonic SUNBURN missiles that can take out our ships. Iraq didn't have these kinds of weapons.

Gas would hit $10 A GALLON in a day....the U.S. economy would nosedive....The author leaves out the missiles raining on Israel from Hamas and Hezbollah...

Like the days before the Iraq war, "everyone" was so FOR it. Then they will HATE it on Day 1 when REALITY sets in. Iranians would rally behind their leaders and they definitely will produce a bomb.

still want a war with Iran MITT? Your boys will be safe here at home. No one else's will be...and you won't even want to PAY for it, just like Iraq, Afghanistan....

I was a TV terrorism adviser on 9/11 and before that during the first Gulf War (some of the videos are on YouTube under the name "Fjet2020").  In my opinion, a war with Iran will hurt US (and Israel) MORE than it will Iran...the entire Middle East and nuclear Pakistan will blow up. It could mean Pakistan's nukes end up on the hands of Taliban/Al Qaida sympathizers, making things even WORSE.  Frankly, we have more to lose than they do.

THINK Americans. Haven't we learned yet that half baked "preventive" wars like Iraq cause even greater misery, deaths and debt on Americans?  Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us TWICE, shame on us for being so stupid to believe the hogwash of "preventive" war...Iran has weapons Saddam only dreamed of.

If not, see for yourself how well our economy does with $10 gallon gas and over 5,000 sailors killed when an Iranian missile takes out one of our aircraft carriers. And that would be just the start if Israel attacks Iran we will all pay a heavy price in blood and treasure..

More reference article to check out:

How devastating to the US Navy would an attack on Iran be? Read this:

"In light of a $250 million classified US war game called Millennium Challenge 2002. The gaming scenario hypothetically pitted the Blue Team (representing US warships) against a Red Team that launched a coordinated assault using swarming boats and missiles – the kind of tactics Iran might employ.
In the game, 16 American ships, including an aircraft carrier and most of its strike group, were sunk before the exercise was suspended and the parameters controversially changed to ensure a US victory."

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