Friday, August 17, 2012

Where is America's MAGLEV? How do we plan to lead the world by lagging behind in technology?

My GREEN Business is rockin while I see the "old" industries drying up..People need to WAKE UP.

When the car replaced the horse and buggy, we upgraded our technology base. Now is the time to do it again - by starting NEW Green businesses instead of watching our rust belt technology turn into dust.

FOR EXAMPLE, WIND TECHNOLOGY technology is now in over 30 states, generating tens of thousands of JOBS!  Iowa is getting 20% of its power from WIND. Texas is the LARGEST producer. Yet Rupert Murdoch scoffed at Wind during a radio broadcast with Michael Bloomberg - I noticed that Bloomberg did NOT.  Bloomberg has said that we need to advance our technology to stay competitive in the world.

I first saw China 30 years ago when it was a nation of BICYCLES. I will return to China to this October -- 30 years later for an UPDATE on Technology Progress -- to show Americans HOW FAST AND FAR the Chinese have Come in the past 30 years -- COMPARED to WHERE AMERICA IS TODAY in Technology.

 I plan to ride a 260 mph MAGLEV train that hovers over tracks instead of steel on steel. (Photo above). In 1982, I never would have dreamed they would have this technology now. Or that we don't.

Where is America's MAGLEV? How do we plan to lead the world by lagging behind in technology?

Why should you listen to my opinion?  Why is my opinion of any value compared to anyone elses?

I went from small town Iowa to over three decades of international experience in nearly 50 countries, starting with the Fortune 500.  Compare that if I had never left Wisconson or Iowa or any "Hometown USA"?  Yes...big difference. Actual Knowledge COUNTS.  After being in some 50 countries I went to Norway for the first time in 2011 - and didn't have a clue what it was like until I spent a week over there.

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