Sunday, August 5, 2012

NASA: Drought Tied to CLIMATE CHANGE - Why Elect Congress Climate Deniers?

So WHY would intelligent voters elect climate-deniers to Congress?  How good is it for business if we end up with a dead planet?
Over 50% of the U.S. counties are in drought. Oklahoma is on fire - to the degree that its calls for help fighting fires go UNanswered because surrounding states with Climate-denying Governors have their hands full fighting raging fires. Their firefighters are working 24 hours without sleep trying to keep up.

Iowa and Midwest corn have turned into barren husks.  Rivers and lakes have run dry. Odessa, Texas is having to desalinate water.  Arizona, Florida, etc are all trapped. 
Failure to deal with its impact and reduce it will fall on your children and their children as we become frogs in an ever-increasing boiling pot. 
To survive we either jump out now or find that there is no future in being boiled to death from our own emissions. There is no business on a dead planet - and no alternate planet to flee to if we don't get it right.
So WHY would intelligent voters in any of those states elect climate-deniers to Congress?

Addressing the life threatening problem would also CREATE JOBS and cleaner air and water.

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