Thursday, March 28, 2013

154 Bullets in 5 Minutes - and Stealth Bombers over KOREA

A loser with a military weapon rained 154 bullets in 5 minutes at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, slaughtering 20 kids and 6 teachers. The bullets tore off heads of children, in photos not released. then the cowards shoots himself rather than face justice.

At a time where Christians revere the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus, these children will not be returning to life. How is that right? The guy who murdered dozens in a movie theater suddenly wants to plead "guilty" to avoid the death penalty. The coward who kills is afraid of death. Too bad he didn't shoot himself first, but these losers have to kill others - and the NRA makes it easy as pie for innocents to be murdered. They even  oppose background checks to weed out criminals, so essentially the NRA has become "pro-criminal" in opposing background checks.  It's even OK for them for mental cases to own military weapons.

The 2nd Amendment guarantees DEFENSIVE weapons for citizens, not OFFENSIVE weapons designed for the mass killing on the battlefield. As an international lawyer, I know what the Constitution says. I have seen weapons worldwide as I ran with the wind in my hair the last 30 years in nearly 50 countries. Having mental cases able to buy guns and lack of background checks for criminals is insane on our part. Does America really want to look like Iraq on its streets?

What's next? The legal right to own a grenade and an Rocket Propelled Grenadee we can shot at an irritating neighbor? A man two days ago walked down his street in California firing a high powered weapon into the houses - until police finally captured him. He may have been a vet with PTSD - like those returning fromVietnam...We must change the law to make sense.

STEALTH FIGHTERS OVER KOREA - The U.S. has sent STEALTH FIGHTERS over Korea after North Korea cut the hot line and is threatening war - even threatening to "nuke the USA." The obsession with Iran needs to give way to the reality of an ALREADY NUCLEAR NORTH KOREA.

Kim Jun Un, the survivor son of dad Kim Jung Il, son of the first dictator is YOUNG (in his 20's) and North Korea is a WEIRD military isolated state - an Asian version of Iran.

A lot of this is for internal show because North Korean people are desperately poor and hungry - the money gets put into the military and missiles instead of food. There could even be an internal power play between the baby-faced boy dictator and the old foxes in the military who have their own agendas.

Finally, check out the Google "Street View" of the dead Japanese cities hit by the TSUNAMI 2 years ago. That is the lesson all of us should learn about not being PREPARED for the next curve ball Mother Nature sends our way...

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