Saturday, March 9, 2013

How America can Win the 21st century - "Better Times Ahead"...

                                          Photo: Michael Fjetland, Beijing, China 1982
                                          Representing Fortune 500 company selling
                                          Pollution Control Equipment for Coal Power Plants
WINDY outside.

Putting Finishing Touches on the Illustrated, Updated "Better Times Ahead" - adding photos. Pictures are so vital, especially when you are time tripping globally over a 30 year span. Unless you have been there, its just wizard of Oz without the pictures.

With the timeline photos, which I took (not from stock) you can see how far China has come versus us in the last 30 years - and India. These two will be America's primary competitors in the 21st century. I was shocked when I went back to China in 2012 and saw the dynamic changes over 30 years.

My "Better Times Ahead" 2nd Edition will show you how we compare to them in this key area - TODAY.

I plan to send it out for HTML markup on Monday, then as soon as it comes back it will be uploaded as the "2.0"  -- which is ALWAYS better than 1.0 right? And 3.0 is even better. It's like Henry Ford went from the Model A to the Lincoln. A book with timeline photos is like a Lincoln.

The final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" is also being updated, Post-Election. It describes FACTS (not ideology) on HOW we got into this mess AND it will also FOCUS on SOLUTIONS for America in this inescapable, high tech space age global economy....

... how do we get our mojo back after our inheritance was blown by the prior administration which run up Trillions in debt after being left a $350 Billion surplus by the Clinton administration? How do we win the future when the current Congress seems more intent on repeating FDR's Austerity Mistake of 1937 than preparing Americans with the knowledge and skills to win the global economy. They can't even see that Europe's Austerity programs have shrunk their economies, while the USA economy has grown under President Obama's stimulus, Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy initiatives to mention a few.

And how we fix it when our competitors workers have greater skills than American workers and our multinational companies have no loyalty to their native country?

But its not a policy paper - it is still an adventure story with some funny moments. Its a story about more than one failure as well as success. Much of it comes from old journals in distant lands, and here at home.

The new "Better Times Ahead" speaks truth to power and tells people what they need to hear -- not want they want to hear. Politicians are the ones who tell you want to want to hear. Since I've never been elected I can be honest and tell you the truth - after doing everything from tax research to international child kidnapping cases in nearly 50 countries the past three decades.

Anyone worried about losing a job or who has been laid off should read it to discover that even disaster can lead to a richer tomorrow. Even losing everything, as I did, was not the end of the world. In the end it lead to unimaginable paths less traveled -- and a prosperous new life. It speaks to re-invention, which pertains to countries in a pickle as well as people.

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