Sunday, March 31, 2013

She is a Nurse and a Global American too - a pioneer

What exactly is a GLOBAL American?

Simple. It's an American who looks beyond our border to know what is going on that impacts America - good or bad. Think austerity is GREAT? Check out what its doing to the Europeans going down that road.

A Global American is also an American who travels oversees to see it for himself or herself -- to get the best evidence of what technology we are competing against. And to find out what the people in these countries are really like. It's not what many people think.

A Global American is also someone as remarkable as this American woman who went to Africa as a nurse, married, and helped thousands of people. She reminds me of the President's mother who did the same thing. The world needs to see more Americans like this, helping make it a better community of nations.

I hear Americans say "They all hate us." This Global American nurse would not agree with that. Neither would I.

I never felt that foreigners hated me as an American in my travels around the world, even during revolutions --and I have been in more than one which are described in my book. What I did hear a lot was: "We love Americans, its just your government we can't stand" I always laughed and told them: "We Americans think the same way!" 

These encounters are in the upcoming "Better Times Ahead April Fool" Photo 2013 edition, including the story of having dinner with an Indian taxi driver after getting bad food in Singapore - and it was no problem.

People who think foreigners "hate us" have never been to the nearly 50 countries I have seen the past few decades. They probably haven't been outside the USA much less their own state.  I doubt they have met anyone from those countries at all. You hate what you fear. You fear what you don't know. I have faced those fears and traveled into many strange places, wondering what I was getting into, like the time I saw soldiers in Bolivia standing on the side of the road with machine guns and stern looks as we passed.

Of course, there are extremists who hate us but that is a tiny portion of the planet's nearly 7 billion people. I once was on a plane ride from Syria when i noticed the man across the aisle would jump every time I looked in his direction, but he seemed more afraid of me. He got off in Germany, where a bomb from a "Syria connection" went off a couple days later. The story is in "Better Times Ahead..."

If you walked into someone's house and said: "I hate everyone here" you would be as welcome as the relative from hell showing up at Aunt Bertha's on Christmas and saying the same thing. I always treated people in every country with kindness and respect.What goes around comes around.

If Americans traveled internationally they would be smarter. It would eliminate that assumption that people out there are unfriendly or hate us.

I'd be happy if Americans just paid attention to what is going on globally in business and technology (not just the wars and other crises). If they did they would be smarter -- and America would be on the run. Why?

Because they would see for themselves how far we have fallen behind the world because we have stopped investing in ourselves. We have become complacent as a people, as confident as the rabbit sleeping during the race as the turtles like China and India are transforming themselves into faster rabbits. Meanwhile, some in our leadership are chasing the wrong theories about what our "problem" is. They are making things worse for us (See Europe above).

However, aside from a brain transplant or a "Jedi/Vulcan Mind Meld" there is a way to let other Americans see this world of ours - by checking out the coming ebook "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - the photo 2013 edition.

Time warp from 30 years ago to today worldwide, seeing the technology and country changes with your own eyes - from photos I personally took over those years.

Warp from Reagan Supply side economics through Obama's policies after inheriting the worst economy in 70 years. See the technology changes, revolutions, terrorism signs, American Fortune 500 deals (and the girls' they chased) in places like Iran, India and China (which went from nothing 30 years ago to leading us in 7 key technologies today).

At the end you will see how America wins the 21st Century when our American people don't have the skills to fill over 2 million high tech, high paying jobs that are available TODAY in the USA.

Its in the 2nd Edition "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - Over 200 pages and 200 photos documenting real life stories experienced by the author involving fraud, kidnappings, high level business negotiations, international child kidnapping negotiations, being broke in Bangkok (home of the Asian sex trade), Fortune 500 intrigues (including the notorious Brown & Root -- now KBR -- from an insiders view), and entrepreneurial failures and successes.

It will bring the world into sharp focus. It will show you what we must do to succeed in this brave new world.

Standby for release date...Also check out the website at:

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