Thursday, March 28, 2013

Healthcare vs "Pro Life"

I sent an article about a new drug to help MS patients to a friend whose wife has MS and is in constant pain.

His response: "Another drug we can't afford." Apparently it costs $56,000 a YEAR for this drug. I don't blame him - but yet he is the one who keeps voting for the Republican candidates who oppose healthcare reforms - they certainly oppose paying for this kind of treatment.

Ironic - the "pro life" party opposes healthcare reform - and my friend votes for that with a sick wife who needs it. Someone explain to me where this makes sense?

I support what I have seen worldwide - a USA system that does take our citizens into healthcare - preventive and more.

My ancestors came from Norway. I first saw it in 2011. They take their oil money and invest in education for all and Heathcare. It has one of the highest standards of living in the world, and the people elect their leadership. It is a democracy that is civilized, highly educated and prosperous.

Tuition to school is FREE and that even applies for foreigners going to school there. Everyone learns English in school. Everyone has a nice house and care. There is no trash.

Why can't we take the USA to a higher level?

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