Saturday, March 23, 2013

American Foreign Service

Last Thursday I attended an event at the University of St. Thomas in Houston which has had a Center for International Studies for 40 years. I've known Professor Bill Cunningham, recently retired, for over 30 years.

Ambassador Negroponte was the speaker - the university has started a "Diplomacy Program" to help train the next generation of American Foreign service diplomats.

These foreign service people are America's representatives abroad. They are our real ambassadors and eyes and ears in places from Albania to Zimbabwe. St. Thomas' program will train young Americans in the art of negotiation, public speaking, etc.

I encourage you to send any young person you know to UST to check out both their international studies program and the Foreign Service. We cannot lead a world we know nothing about.

Speaking of which I asked Ambassador Negroponte after his speech about the two million Americans who did not have the skills to fill the existing high tech, high paying jobs open in America today. I said: "When I first went to China thirty years ago they had nothing. I went back in 2012 and rode the fastest train in the world. They lead us in 7 key 21st century technologies. Why do we have two million plus American high tech jobs open without people qualified to fill them?

His response? He said: "What you are asking is an education question." He then avoided giving me an answer. LOL. Why does everyone I talk to DUCK this question? Are we afraid to address our shortcomings in STEM (Science, Technology and Math)?

I will keep asking. So should you if you want America second to none in the 21st century...

To win the 21st century Americans have to compete in a GLOBAL economy - if all our folks can do is flip burgers and talk Reality celebs than we are SCREWED, and lose the global game, dudes.

It's REAL. It's about Global Education and Technology. It's all in the coming by April Fool's Day the ILLUSTRATED 2nd edition of "Better Times Ahead April Fool"....Subscribe or follow to get the release and further updates on how we need Global Americans to win this century. Or China will...

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