Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday - and PASSOVER. All Should Be Celebrated Together

This has been one STRANGE Good Friday, at least for me so far. But the real Good Friday wasn't so good either when you think about it. Since when is the day you die a good thing whether your name is Jesus or not? 

It is also PASSOVER, so let's not forget that religion is more than one sect. There is not a religious monopoly that I am aware of. They include Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu - not to mention the non-believers.

I like it when these holidays overlap. Have you noticed -- even the Muslim holidays are similar. I've noticed.

After all, all 3 religions--Christian, Judaism and Islam-- trace their roots back to one person - Abraham. Abraham is the key.

If you really look at what the bible says, God made more than one "deal." In the bible God speaks to both the nation of Israel and the nation of Ishmael.  In short: Abraham took the 2nd "wife" (really the maid) because Sarah was old and barren, Ishmael was born. After the miracle of Sarah having a child, Isaac, Ishmael gets sent away by Abraham. God said Isaac would be the root of a religion that covered many nations.

Yet the story isn't over. After Ishmael and his mom get tossed out of Abraham's house and are in the wilds wondering what will happen next, God speaks from the cloud and says "Ishmael would be the root of a religion that covered many nations." The words are basically the same for each.

So at this point, the way I see it, God has made a deal with two different groups destined to build nations. Don't take my word for it, check out the wikipedia summary for Abraham.

So the 3 big religions are related - we should celebrate them all together instead of never venturing beyond our own walls we build between ourselves. As a result of running for Congress I went to Synagogues, Mosques and Christian churches I had never seen before. I heard the SAME sermon in every one of them.

We are more alike than we think. I know that from meeting people around the world the past three decades....

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