Friday, March 8, 2013

On Drones and Osama bin laden's Son-in-law

 On Drones and Osama bin laden's Son-in-law two things should be CLEAR to Americans about our rights.

After the filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul and the clarification letter from the Attorney General, it should be CLEAR - that (1) no drone gets to kill (2) an American (3) on American soil. Now if we are skinny dipping in Mexico with guys who want to blow up something American, that's different.

Under our Constitution we are entitled to an arrest if accused of a crime and a trial decided on facts beyond a reasonable doubt.

Regarding Osama bin laden's son, who was just picked up by American intelligence in Jordan after he left Iran on a fake passport, another thing is CLEAR -

The American court system works, even for the son-in-law of the man killed by American Seal Team 6 under a Presidential order!  Our civil court system is faster and more efficient than a secret military tribunal, which drag on forever and are notoriously slow.

Osama's son-in-law and his followers should see what the transparent, open, American legal system looks like - with our citizen jurors. It is not a five minute hearing and then a hand gets cut off or a person gets stoned to death.

The American legal system is still a shining jewel in a world of fake jewelry. I have seen legal systems worldwide, including many corrupt and malfunctioning legal systems.  Let the world -- especially those in the Middle East --see our normal legal system at work. Let them see its not rule by man that counts but rule by law that is our strength. Leaders come and go but the law is the foundation.

I have no doubt that American justice will be served by American jurors in an open court of record. American don't need to stoop to secret trials and torture like our enemies to  generate justice. Only in America can we spend weeks listening to sex and murder tales like the never-ending Jodi Arias trial. Meanwhile the murderer Oscar Pistorius in South Africa walked free waiting for a June trial date.

In either case, Courts rule, not bombers and terrorists... 

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