Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Same-Sex Marriage - Equal Under American Law?

Should same-sex marriages be legal in the USA?

Personally, I think if someone is crazy enough to want to get married, who are we to object? (I liked it so much, I've tried it three times!) Besides, think of the wedding planners,bakers, hotel rentals and divorce lawyers who will be required. It's a job generator for sure.

But seriously, America is special because we treat all of our people equally ("all men are created equal"). America is also cool because we "marry" that principle with its corollary "with justice for all". Equality is the keystone of our Constitution even if it has taken awhile to get better at it.

So, do you think same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right of equality under our laws? I think so.

Upholding it doesn't MAKE anyone get married to anyone. It lets same sex couples face the same rapids of life that all couples do. It allows them to help raise children not wanted by anyone else, or raise their own. It clears up inheritance and healthcare authority issues that spouses have that others do not.

What do YOU think? In California, 40,000 children are being raised today by same-sex marriages. If one dies, their inheritance could be in jeopardy, etc.


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