Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Phone Etiquette - How to Make Customers MAD

Yesterday at breakfast the cafe was short staffed. the owner was out "selling a car" and left the cook by himself. When he came back two couples were sitting at a table waiting. The cafe owner's cell rang as he was going towards them. He took the call! And commences to tell the wife or whoever it was all about "getting $400" for the car. Finally he hung up and waited on the table, saying "sorry for the delay."

People, use etiquette also known as "common sense." The damn phone call could wait until he took care of the customers - that's what voice-mail is for. I predict this guy will soon be out of business. Common sense seems to be not so common.

When i am with someone and a call comes in - I DON'T grab the phone. I finish the conversation and then check the message and return the call. Now if its the PRESIDENT calling, take the call. Otherwise focus on the people you are with before getting lost in your own noise...

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