Monday, September 24, 2012

An Open Letter to Iowans - Who Start Voting Thursday

Dear Iowans:
I was born in Iowa and grew up on a farm there until I was 15 and dad moved us to Texas. I ended up traveling the world (nearly 50 countries) starting with the Fortune 500 but got laid off not unlike people today and lost it all, like many people have today. I wrote a book about it, with proposed solutions in "Agenda for American Greatness" described in

I can tell you that I survived the Great Texas Bust of the 80’s which was similar to the Great Recession since it also involved a financial meltdown.  I can tell you that what I learned then applies to the economy today. 

I had to re-invest myself. I found I could survive without stuff and how much friends and a chance means. Somehow it led to my becoming an accidental TV Terrorism adviser, a global entrepreneur who had some amazing experiences -- to becoming a founder of green company today that has been thriving despite the “Great Recession.” My company’s product saves energy which saves people money and protects their weakest link from burglars, hurricane-force storms and triple digit heat. It pays for itself and we don’t have government contracts. It is part of the new green economy, like Iowa’s Wind Farms, that are the “next big thing” like the Internet for our future economy. It is part of the new economy supported and started by the President.

And that is why I recommend Iowans vote for President Obama in Election 2012. His opponent Gov. Romney has said he is against the wind tax credit. He and Paul Ryan plan to change Medicare into a voucher system, making the U.S. the only developed country in the world that throws its citizens’ health needs under a bus.

I say that as someone who has not forgotten the farm, but has seen the world of technology and how we must compete or lose the high tech global 21st century. President Obama has the plan America needs -unfortunately, Mr. Romney would continue the redistribution of wealth from the Middle Class to the top 1% that has robbed our consumer economy of its vitality and created the Great Recession the President inherited. The President could create even more jobs if you give him a Congress that will work with him, and that excludes Rep. King of Iowa, who deserves retirement.

Michael Fjetland
President, Armor Glass
Author, “Better Times Ahead: April Fool”

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