Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday's are great quiet days. What Really Counts...

Sunday's are great quiet days.

We need quiet time for finding that one piece of paper the CPA wants -and its hiding in one of several piles of papers that manage to build up before you know it.  That means I will finally get it all organized for the next time I have to do this. LOL.

Next week is the Sales Tax filing date - but waiting to a busy week starts is asking for stress no one needs. So I spent the quiet moments today doing great world things, like Calculating the sales tax OWED from last month.  To do that the bookkeeper (also me) has to log sales into Quickbooks  - and wondering if the computer really calculated it RIGHT, so I ended up cross checking it manually against invoices.  Worse thing you can do is either underpay or overpay what's due..

While we are saving the world and making the best witty point, we still need to take a timeout for the details that need to be done - that is not limited to doing our bookkeeping but includes a meal with a child or listening to the concerns of a good friend, going for a walk, having a little harmless fun.

I see quotes all the time about this God and that God etc. on Facebook. Some of the same people posting these wonderful and often obtuse statements are also adamantly OPPOSED to American citizens getting better Healthcare!

 I don't think God or Jesus or Muhammad or Buddha would be amused by those attitudes.  I don't recall Jesus favoring tax cuts for the rich paid by the rest of us, or the least among us."

What really counts is what we DO to help our fellow man and woman kind, globally.  We can start by stop being so ignorant of each others religion and culture.  I have been in nearly 50 countries, starting as a young negotiator, and discovered that all nations and cultures have much in common.

The problem is that few of us know how much we have in common (other than people like me who have spent real time meeting people worldwide over decades). Why? Because most Americans haven't (yet) been "over there."

People should go over and see for themselves -- or listen to someone who has credible experience across Europe, China, India, Brazil, etc.because only someone with that experience over time truly knows how America stacks up against each.

Listening to someone who hasn't "been there, done that" is the "blind following the blind." After 50 countries the past 30 or so years I went to Norway for the first time last year. Despite even my global experience, I found I had no idea what it was really like  -- until I went there. Books alone are not enlightening. Meeting people is. Americans need to know this in the global economy.

Following a Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck who doesn't have that knowledge is fatal to America's future because such people are truly CLUELESS how we win a global economic high tech 21st century where our strength will depend on growing global business not war.  Business generates profits and jobs, war only generates COSTS and death. Haven't we learned that the past decade in Iraq and Afghanistan?

You can get a good look into these countries in my journal "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" that took me to 30 countries for the Fortune 500 - before getting laid off and what I learned to do to survive. It is a model for what is happening today. While millions go through the agony of what I see firsthand in the Texas Bust of the 80's, I am founder of a thriving green company that is saving money for people and protecting them from breakins, hurricanes and triple digit heat - with a "carbon negative" technology that was put on the pentagon and federal buildings after 9/11.

At the end of "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"  (the question mark is whether or not we fool ourselves and make the wrong choices) I have produced a blueprint for America's success in the future. TO understand it, you also have to understand HOW we got into the mess we are today, and HOW we get out.

It's in "Agenda for American Greatness" now updated and available FREE at:

Read it and THINK.  In October 2012 I was return to China - and report how far it has come since my first trip there in 1982 - 30 years ago - as one of the first Americans to enter this formerly closed country after President Nixon established relations with this rapidly developing colossus of the 21st Century...
 Here is a photo of traffic when I was there in 1982 (behind me) and a shot of Beijing traffic 2012

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