Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I did on 9/11 11 years ago

9/11 occurred 11 years ago today. I vividly remember not just the day, but what i did. I spent nearly the entire day inside a Houston TV studio (top photo) as  their "Terrorism Expert" trying to figure out what was going on as aircraft-after-aircraft hit building after building. I am sure that Flight 93 that was brought down by its passengers was destined to hit either the Capitol building where Congress sits, or the White House.  

We were that close to Osama taking out our entire government!

I was  there for a reason - I had been in the same studio ten years before --in 1991-- during the first Gulf War with Saddam Hussein. Why? Because I had been laid off and was writing a "fiction" book about a flash war in the Middle East involving Iraq - and the second part of my book involved a terror attack on the United States! I had traveled to the Middle East on business for Fortune 500 companies.
Before 9/11, I had visited the World Trade Center (second photo). It was in 1994, a year after the first bombing that killed six people. Remember that? Most people don't. I was in New York on business and made it a point to go inside to see what there was to see. Little did I know it was not to last...

I had appeared on the same Houston TV station in 1991 during the first Gulf War as their "Middle East Expert" talking about a "fiction" book I'd written about a flash war in Iraq and a terror attack on the USA. That "fiction" story became fact within two years - first Saddam invaded Kuwait and second, in 1993, was the first bombing of the WTC.  That was the prelude to 9/11. The above link is to one of short TV videos made in 1991.

From early that morning 11years ago to the 9 o'clock news that night (when the top photo was taken), I was sitting in the studio, and like all Americans I was SHOCKED that it had happened on such a large scale. It became clear later that it was an act carried out by AL Qaida under Osama bin laden - NOT Saddam Hussein as I had first assumed on that confusing, chaotic day.

9/11 was our generation's "Pearl Harbor."  It was our wake up call. The CIA warnings were there, but the Bush administration didn't pay attention. No one did. 

No one listened to a video I made in 1994 with a weapons expert from the Reagan administration in which I raised the possibility of a terror attack on the U.S. (at the link). No one cared when I gave copies of that video to then Majority Whip Tom DeLay and sent one to Dick Cheney, 9 months before 9/11.

In another TV interview in 2003, right after the capture of Saddam Hussein, I was asked "Where the war on terrorism would go from here?"  In this video, I talk about the need to shift the focus BACK TO OSAMA BIN LADEN.  That didn't happen until President Obama came into office, and gave the order that finally resulted in the death of America's No. 1 Public Enemy.  Killing bin laden was the equivalent of the American pilots who intercepted the plane of Admiral Yamamoto, who led the fleet attack on Pearl Harbor, and shot it down.

Let us not forget those who died on 9/11. Let us now forget that we must stay involved with what is going on around us in the world, or pay a huge price when we ignore the warning signs, just like we did before Pearl Harbor.

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So on this 9/11, we should also ask ourselves "WHERE do we go from here?"

That's in "Agenda for American Greatness" the (free at the link) final chapter of my ebook "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?" my story about reinventing yourself after a lay off, which is what many Americans face today. That lay off led to writing the book that predicted 9/11, so you never know how a dead end can lead to enlightenment.

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