Sunday, September 9, 2012

His Boss is a Millionaire, Suports Mitt - And Failed to Pay Timely After Buying Bentley

True story.
A Friend of mine works for a man who lets his employees know that HE is supporting Mitt Romney for President!  The man just bought a Bentley, made in Germany and costs from $200,000 to $500,000.

My  friend makes at least $1 million a year in SALES for him, and he isn't the only sales person working for this person who is voting for the likeminded millionaire running for President.

Yet the owner FAILED TO PAY them their EARNED COMMISSION this week - apparently he was too busy looking for a car elevator for his Bentley

My friend and his fellow sales people have to wait for late checks from a guy making MILLIONS from their sales work!  I guess buying an expensive foreign car is more important than his workers paying the rent or buying food with commission their earned because "you people" want to get paid what is owed on time.

it gets Worse. One day the man came on the intercom and said to another sales person: "Do I have to come out there and SLAP YOUR FACE?"

Holy crap Batman. As a lawyer I can verify that is ABUSIVE Language and a HOSTILE WORK environment...if this is who is supporting MITT ROMNEY, NOT THANKS...!

Obama is looking out for the back of my friend.

Mitt Romney is looking out for the owner who bought the Bentley. Mitt was too busy with his nominating speech to think of mentioning the troops huddled in lonely posts in Afghanistan and two decade long wars.

Mitt is too busy shopping car elevators to even show Americans his tax returns like the President has...

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